Hexagon is a global leading conglomerate in the field of digitalization, creating Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE) to enhance productivity, quality, and safety across industries. With a diverse product portfolio of innovative technologies, Hexagon helps organizations transform data into actionable insights. From precise measurement solutions like Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and 3D laser scanners to intelligent software in manufacturing process optimization, Hexagon's products are at the forefront of industrial innovation. Committed to shaping a sustainable future through digitalization, Hexagon continues to drive progress in global connected autonomous ecosystems.


In the field of simulation, Hexagon is currently providing Simufact software. Simufact enables engineers and manufacturers to optimize their processes, reduce development time, and enhance product quality.

Vinnotek is currently the official representative of Hexagon in Vietnam. We distribute Simufact software – the world's leading simulation software.

Simufact software solutions allow for the simulation of a range of forming processes, joining processes, as well as metal 3D printing processes to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce costs and research time, and improve product quality.


The Simufact software solutions are divided into three product lines developed for specific individual processes: Simufact Forming, Simufact Welding, and Simufact Additive.


Simufact Forming is a software solution designed to simulate metal manufacturing processes. The software covers all essential areas of forming technology: forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, all major additive processes, and mechanical joining. Simufact Forming supports microstructure simulation, calculates die loads, material flow, and predicts material properties in conventional and incremental heat treatment processes. Furthermore, the thermal joining methods of pressure welding are also supported

We are committed to adjusting and developing software consistently to meet the real needs of users. Typically, operators need specialized knowledge to operate simulation software to build and program complex models. However, with Simufact Forming, these issues are no longer obstacles for users. Simufact Forming's user interface is very user-friendly, easy to learn and use. Therefore, even beginners can focus on the product simulation process rather than spending too much time getting acquainted with the software.

Simufact Forming's user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive, and focused on the workflow, making daily tasks easy for users. With just a few mouse clicks, users can set up and evaluate standard forming processes such as:

▪️ Cold forming

▪️ Hot forging

▪️ Sheet metal forming

▪️ Rolling

▪️ Ring rolling

▪️ Open-die forging

▪️ Heat treatment

▪️ Mechanical joining

▪️ Pressure welding

Simufact Forming brings the following benefits:

▪️ Design and optimization of forming processes:

  ▫️ Determine the optimal quantity and sequence of operations, while minimizing material usage.

  ▫️ Detect and eliminate potential hidden production errors.

  ▫️ Optimize tool life.

▪️ User-friendly - No specialized knowledge required as the user interface is friendly and intuitive.

▪️ Cost-effective - Virtual product testing saves materials, time, and costs compared to physical testing.


Simufact Welding is used to simulate and optimize various thermal welding processes, including arc welding, laser beam welding, electron beam welding, brazing, resistance spot welding, and the additive manufacturing process laser deposition welding (LMD or DED). The software also allows for the modeling of heat treatment processes, various cooling variants, as well as stress relieving and mechanical loads on welded structures.

One of the biggest challenges in welding is thermal deformation or residual stress of the entire assembly after welding and unclamping is not optimized. This can make subsequent welding processes more difficult due to the unstable shape of the assembly. With Simufact Welding, users can optimize the welding process and parameters to achieve the desired product quality.

Providing the welding process you need

Processes such as arc welding, laser beam welding, electron beam welding, brazing, resistance spot welding, as well as the additive manufacturing process laser deposition welding (LMD or DED), can be modeled in Simufact Welding. In addition, Simufact Welding can be used to model heat treatment processes, various cooling variations, stress relief, and mechanical loads of welded structures.

Simufact Welding brings:

▪️Design and optimize your welding process:

  ▫️ Determine the optimal weld sequence and parameters, as well as clamping and unclamping concepts, to minimize thermal distortions and residual stresses, and ensure a stable welding process.

  ▫️ Identify and eliminate potential welding defects, such as hot cracks.

  ▫️ Investigate material behavior during welding, such as phase change.

▪️Simplicity – No expert knowledge required as the software solution is user-friendly, intuitive, and process-oriented.

▪️Sustainability – Save material, time, and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming physical tests with virtual tests.


Simufact Additive is an extended software solution for simulating metal-based additive manufacturing processes, focusing on powder bed melting (L-PBF) and metal binder jetting (MBJ). Simufact Additive is designed to predict and compensate for distortion, residual stress, and temperature distribution throughout the printing, heat treatment, cutting, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), as well as machining processes almost before the part is manufactured by the 3D metal printer in reality.

Simufact Additive brings:

▪️Successful metal 3D printing from the first print:

▪️Sustainability: Save materials and money by replacing expensive physical tests with virtual tests.

▪️User-friendly GUI, intuitive and process-oriented.

▪️Enhance your knowledge of metal 3D printing processes.

  ▫️ Automatically compensate for deformation to print according to design.

  ▫️ Optimize build orientation and support structures.

  ▫️ Identify part defects based on criteria, i.e., shrink lines.

▪️Estimate costs for each part and entire printing job.

Vinnotek is proud to be the distributor of Hexagon's Simufact software – a leading solution in metal manufacturing process simulation. Simufact not only helps forecast, optimize, and verify welding and metal forming processes but also allows for a detailed evaluation of product performance and quality. With Simufact, businesses can minimize risks and production costs while enhancing accuracy and reliability in their manufacturing processes. Vinnotek is committed to providing the most advanced and quality Simufact solution to help customers maximize production efficiency and cost savings.


MSC Apex Generative Design is software that automatically optimizes designs. The software can create specially structured designs capable of ensuring operational efficiency while reducing part weight, material used and production time. Users to easily learn and use the software without having expert knowledge. Apex Generative Design can work with most visual CAE environments in the world. 

Therefore, Apex Generative Design is software that helps people significantly reduce the work related to design optimization. 


Without needing specialized knowledge, engineers can easily optimize designs because the software is highly user-focused. Enter data 


Import a design and the software will suggest several optimized designs. Users simply choose the design that best suits their requirements - It will all be done in a single CAE environment. 

Automated design 

Automatically create designs that meet all criteria of the Direct File Export department 

Convert results to NURBS and export files in standard CAD format. Geometry can be produced and used immediately without the need for manual rework. 

Integrated process 

Import designs from Apex GD into Simufact Additive or Digimat AM to perform simulations on the model to achieve print results right the first time, saving costs for every part. 



Reduce time significantly 

Thanks to intelligent manufacturing design, Apex GD leverages high levels of automation and fast speeds to reduce design optimization time. Therefore, design time is fast, cost-effective and consistent between software in the same ecosystem. 

Optimization based on stress constraints 

Stress is often the most important layout criterion for part design. MSC's Apex Generative Design makes it possible to optimize in a stress-centric manner. This approach allows for truly biomorphic designs, with a very uniform stress distribution to ensure high part reliability. 

Automatic transition to CAD 

Design optimization software typically requires the use of additional forwarding software to be able to import the commonly used data types of the design file. MSC Apex Generative Design solves this problem by consolidating data in a single environment and automatically translating designs for optimal CAD/CAM alignment. 

Smart smoothing 

Efficient transitions to smooth surfaces are performed automatically using a smart algorithm. The finished design product will have a defect-free surface, ensuring quality for each part. 

Create mesh automatically 

The mesh for the optimization model is automatically generated and will not face errors commonly encountered with manual processes. In addition, software usage time is significantly optimized. 

Simulate anisotropic materials 

Besides isotropic materials, MSC Apex Generative Design can also simulate 3D orthogonal and transverse isotropic materials for FFF 3D printing. Based on Tsai Hill and Tsai Wu's failure criteria, users can rely on directional dependencies. 

Highest resolution with automatic adjustment 

MSC Apex Generative Design is specifically designed to create detailed and highly complex structures that only 3D printing can produce. The software automatically adjusts the resolution: once the rough geometry is in place, the software increasingly refines the resolution until finer, more detailed structures are achieved. 


CAD geometry output 

Quickly convert generated mesh to a standard NURBS-based CAD file format in a single automated step. 

Connect Nexus 

Nexus is an open, cloud-based platform that connects people, technology and data, accelerating innovation and time to market. 

Soft symmetry 

Soft constraint to ensure more symmetric optimization results if the geometry is symmetric but not necessarily for boundary conditions. 

Validate designs with MSC Nastran using the Apex platform 


Transfer the entire optimization model to MSC Apex Structures to directly perform analysis with MSC Nastran without human intervention. 

Anisotropic materials 

Consider orientation dependencies in simulations for 3D orthogonal and 3D transversely isotropic materials. 

Minimal support structure for 3D printing 

Create print-ready shapes with the perfect ratio between support structure reduction and part performance. 

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