3D Plastic Printing



 3D printing technology in Vietnam is changing and developing day by day. Currently, there are many companies that have been applying this technology to their work. With the many benefits that 3D printing technology brings, it gives manufacturers, designers and prototyping artists the ability to quickly access their own products based on more than 25 different types of plastic materials. But with investing in a super high-cost 3D printer, not every company can afford. Grasping that trend, VINNOTEK was formed with the desire to bring to customers the best services and products that are:
• Best quality
• Fastest delivery time
• Reasonable cost


FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Some of popular 3D plastic printing  products
Advantages :
- Low cost
- Flexible adjustment of product surface hardness and smoothness
- Can print quite large size products
-  Fast print speed
- Low smoothnes compared to SLA technology
- Suitable to not very complex products




SLA (Stereolithography)  
Advantages :
- High surface smoothness, equivalent to the fineness of injection molded plastic products
- Suitable for prototyping with tight tolerance requirements
- Higher cost compared to FDM technology
- Suitable for smaller size products




3D Printer Form 3L Stereolithography 

25 micrometer resolution, make the product have a smoother surface after printing
- Large printing table size, helping customers to print a variety of products with different sizes (335mm x 200mm x 300mm)
- The machine has a structure of 2 laser heads, reducing printing time
- The machine can print 26 different types of plastic materials

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