3D Metal Printing


With many years of experience working in metal 3D printing for leading companies in Australia and the US, we are confident that we can provide a full service from 3D design, 3D printing to post-processing services (surface treatment after printing, heat treatment) and final product for customers. With top quality criteria, we are always looking for and using the best equipment and machinery to be able to serve customers in the most thoughtful and effective way. 


We can provide printing services for the following materials:
Al-Based Alloys: AlSi10Mg; AlSi7Mg0.6; AlSi9Cu3
Ti-Based Alloys: Ti6Al4V ELI (Grade 23); TA15; Ti (Grade 2)
Ni-Based Alloys: HX; IN625; IN718; IN939
Co-Based Alloys: CoCr28Mo6; SLM MediDent; 
Fe-Based Alloys: Stainless steel 316L; 15-5PH; 17-4PH; 1.2709; H13 (1.2344); Invar 36®



Below are some types of 3D metal printers that we're currently using:  
SLM®280 Production Series
As a printer equipped with 2 lasers, the automatic control system is optimized for high performance operation.
Print size 280 x 280 x 365 mm
Multiple lasers (2)
Automatic material control system
Fixed filter



The Z-axis of SLM®800 is specially designed to be able to print large-size products. 
In addition, the machine can be linked to other machines via the SLM HUB® system, opening up many machining opportunities with large scale in additive manufacturing.
Print size 500 x 280 x 850 mm
Multiple lasers (4)
Fixed filter
Configure multiple machines
Automatic material powder control system



NXG XII 600 is a revolution in industrial production. This is a 3D printer designed for continuous, high-volume production with 12 1000 Watts lasers that will change traditional warehousing and supply systems forever.
The fastest speed, the most effective
12 times faster than single laser systems
Print speed approx
Print size 600x600x600 mm







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