3D Design Simulation Services

Founders of Vinnotek have many years of experience in the field of machine design plus valuable experience working in Singapore, the US, and Australia for leading companies in the field of semiconductor chip manufacturing and 3D printing technology (metal, composite), these premise makes us confident to provide optimal, quality and cost-effective design solutions for our customers.

We offer the following design services:

1. 3D Design for Additive Manufacturing 

3D printing technology is growing quickly and being applied more and more widely in different industries. Thereby, the demand for 3D design additive manufacturing also grows accordingly. 3D design for additive manufacturing (3D printing) has very different characteristics from traditional design:

✔ Designing for 3D printing will have a larger design space than traditional designs

✔ Parts designed for 3D printing often have more complex shapes and features, difficult to manufacture by traditional methods but are lighter in weight, more optimal, and easy to 3D print.

✔ When designing for 3D printing, designers must consider the design so that the printing process is optimized in terms of mechanical properties as well as saving materials and minimizing post-processing time

✔ In addition to traditional design software such as Solidworks, Creo Parametrics, Inventor, for 3D printing, it is also necessary to use Generative Design software, Lattice Design specialized for 3D printing

✔ There are designs that can only be produced by 3D printing, not by traditional methods


Simulated torque link with Generative Design method

Vinnotek designs gyroid structure cold plate with Generative Design method

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in Vietnam using Generative Design to design products for the 3D printing industry. If you have design needs or demands on product development by Generative Design, please contact us immediately.

2. 3D Design for Traditional Manufacturing 

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of precision machine design for the Semiconductor Industry and 3D printing industry for leading corporations in the US and Australia, we are confident in bringing you top notch design solutions that are effective and fulfill your requirements at reasonable costs. Currently, we provide the following 3D design services:

1. Mold design for plastic industry

2. Precision, automative machine design

3.  Sheet metal design

4.  Drawings extraction

Contact Vinnotek now to bring your ideas to life with our 3D design service!

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