Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is increasingly popular due to its wide range of applications in industry, research and development, and many personal uses. In Vietnam, this industry is developing strongly, according to Vietnam Briefing.

Although 3D printing is quite a new method of producing goods, it has become extremely popular around the world in a very short period of time. This industry uses raw materials in many forms and then prints a component, part, or entire product layer by layer. This technology is already used around the world for a multitude of applications, from homes to firearms.

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In Vietnam, this new technology has the potential to be a game changer. 3D printing can make parts and components much cheaper than usual by limiting waste and reducing the need for labor. With this prospect, 3D printing has great potential in the manufacturing industry and as such, it has attracted a lot of attention in Vietnam in the use of this technology in production processes and in the development of industries.

Additive Manufacturing in Southeast Asia and Vietnam

Currently, the penetration of additive manufacturing in Southeast Asia is relatively small. It is estimated that Southeast Asia accounted for only about 5-7% of Asia's $3.8 billion invested in the sector in 2019, according to technology and engineering firm Thyssenkrupp.

Thyssenkrupp also said Southeast Asia has huge potential for 3D printing. The group estimates that the 3D printing sector will generate $100 billion in added value by 2025, increasing Southeast Asia's GDP by 1.5-3% of real GDP. 3D printing is also forecast to help reduce the dependence of many industries on imported materials.

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As a manufacturing power in the region, Vietnam is one of the economies most affected by additive manufacturing. On the one hand, automation may cause the manufacturing industry to lose jobs, but on the other hand, Vietnam can position itself as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of 3D printing equipment.

3D printing production in Vietnam is currently most evident in the automotive, consumer goods and electronics sectors. All of these sectors have extensive manufacturing operations here and will benefit greatly from 3D printing technology.

These areas are often heavily invested by foreign companies, and these companies often import their own 3D printing technology. However, Vietnam is also making efforts to develop its own additive manufacturing products and services.

Vietnam keeps pace with additive manufacturing

In fact, there are a number of events and initiatives being held in Vietnam to promote this new technology and raise awareness among Vietnamese companies and businesses about the perks and benefits of 3D printing. The first is the annual event - claiming to be the 'place for the entire Vietnamese additive manufacturing industry'. Next year the event will be held in Binh Duong, a key manufacturing hub in the South of Vietnam. Among the big name brands producing in Binh Duong are heavyweight sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas. The event is expected to showcase additive manufacturing machines, 3D printers and a host of other products in the field.

Next is the Saigon High-Tech Incubation Center (SHTP-IC). SHTP-IC helps local startups develop products, find investors, commercialize products and scale up operations. It has a range of projects currently in development, including helping 3D printing company Meetech develop products and services.

Last but not least, Vinnotek has also held an event specializing in Metal 3D Printing. On July 26th, together with SLM Solutions, Materialise, and Hexagon, our company successfully organized METAMAN-2023 to spread knowledge along with applications of 3D printing in many different fields. We are looking forward to bringing this event to every one once a year.

Regarding the prospects of 3D printing in Vietnam, Vietnam has traditionally been an attractive destination for manufacturers thanks to tax incentives and a competitive cost workforce. But this is changing as wages rise and a global minimum tax goes into effect in the near term. At that time, additive manufacturing can be an effective means of mitigating rising labor costs.

In addition, demand for 3D printing machinery and equipment, especially from well-known and established international brands, is likely to increase for domestic enterprises. International manufacturers of 3D printing equipment could find a lucrative market in the growing Southeast Asian country.

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