3D metal printing takes a leap towards mass production with SLM Solutions' groundbreaking NGX XII 600 machine. This innovative printer boasts speed, size, reliability, and safety, paving the way for a future where 3D printing becomes a mainstay in manufacturing. 
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1. Putting the NGX XII 600 to the Test: Porsche's E-Drive Housing 

Porsche, a leader in pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing, collaborated with SLM Solutions to demonstrate the NGX XII 600's capabilities. Their focus is a complex E-drive housing designed for high-performance applications. 

E-Drive housing, also known as electric motor housing, is a crucial component within the electric vehicle (EV) powertrain system. It functions as a protective enclosure and integrates the core elements of the electric motor, including: Permanent magnet motor, Gearbox, Drivetrain, Cooling system, Electronic controls

Nikon SLM Solutions's NGX XII 600 printer

2. Success in a Single Print: Innovation at High Speed 

The NGX XII 600 successfully printed a complete E-drive housing with an innovative additive manufacturing (AM) design. This single piece integrates a powerful permanent magnet motor (delivering 280 hp) and a two-stage transmission, showcasing the potential for part consolidation and weight reduction. Designed for a sports car's front axle, the housing exemplifies the advantages of AM: 

🔹 Lightweight Design: Lattice structures within the housing optimize weight. 

🔹 Integrated Cooling: Functional cooling channels are incorporated directly into the design. 

🔹 Enhanced Stiffness: The design offers superior rigidity. 

🔹 Reduced Assembly Time: Combining multiple parts into one streamline assembly. 

🔹 Improved Quality: The 3D printing process ensures exceptional part quality.


SLM Solutions printed Porsche"s E-drive by NGX XII 600 printer

Ralf Frohwerk, Global Business Development Director at SLM Solutions:

This new manufacturing technology offers us a multitude of technical and economic advantages. Potential applications encompass prototyping during the product development phase, production of special and small-scale parts, as well as utilization in the field of motorsport and the manufacturing of spare parts for old cars.

3. Benefits Beyond Prototyping 

According to Porsche, the NGX XII 600 opens doors for various applications, including: 

🔹 Prototypes: Rapid development and testing of new designs. 

🔹 Low-Volume Production: Efficient manufacturing of specialized or limited-run parts. 

🔹 Motorsport: Creating high-performance components for racing vehicles. 

🔹 Classic Car Parts: Producing replacement parts for older vehicles. 

4. A Collaboration Ushering in a New Era 

With the successful printing of the E-drive housing, SLM Solutions and Porsche mark a significant milestone. The NGX XII 600's capabilities not only deliver unmatched performance and functional improvements but also pave the way for cost-effective serial production using metal additive manufacturing technology. This collaboration signifies a major step towards integrating 3D printing into mainstream automotive manufacturing.

Mr. Frohwerk is very happy with the great results of the Porsche-built unit. He said,

We are very happy and proud to work with innovative companies like Porsche. The NXG XII 600 machine is very good. It makes car parts better and cheaper. This will allow us to use 3D printing technology to make many more car parts. We are excited to take this big step towards making metal 3D printing a standard process for Porsche.

Reference: Nikon SLM Solutions


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