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Advancements in manufacturing technology are increasingly opening new doors for innovation and optimization across industries. The advancement of metal 3D printing technology has emerged as a standout, offering incredible potential for producing high-quality and flexible products. A pivotal breakthrough in this field is the SLM 125 metal 3D printer by SLM Solutions. 

Integrated with modern features and mass production capabilities, the SLM 125 not only meets high precision and performance standards but also unlocks new opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, aerospace, mechanical engineering, defense, and more. In this article, we delve deeper into the SLM125 metal 3D printer, exploring its operational technology and potential applications, as well as its future prospects. 

1. Introduction to the SLM 125 Metal 3D Printer 

1.1. SLM 3D Printing Technology 

The SLM 125 metal 3D printer utilizes Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, an advanced method for metal 3D printing. 

During the printing process, the machine employs a high-power laser beam to selectively melt metal powder. The melted particles fuse together layer by layer on a molecular basis until the uniform model is completed, resulting in precise and high-strength 3D components.

In metal 3D printing, a laser beam is used to heat and melt the material

In metal 3D printing, a laser beam is used to heat and melt the material

1.2. Key Technical Specifications 

Among the leading 3D printers, the SLM 125 by SLM Solutions stands out with its impressive technical specifications. From its compact and flexible build chamber size to its capability of scanning at a maximum speed of 10m/s and efficient inert gas consumption, every detail is optimized to deliver the best performance and quality. 

Build Chamber 

125 x 125 x 125 mm (reduced by substrate plate thickness) 

3D Optics Configuration 

Single (1x 400 W) IPG fiber laser 

Real Build Rate 

Up to 25 cm³/h 

Build Layer Thickness 

20µm - 75µm, more available on request 

Minimum Feature Size 


Beam Focus Diameter 

70µm - 100µm 

Maximum Scan Speed 

10 m/s 

Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process 

0.6 /min (Argon) 

Average Inert Gas Consumption in Process 

70 l/min (Argon) 

E-Connection / Power Input 

400 Volt 3NPE, 32A, 50/60 Hz, 3kW 

Compressed Air Requirement 

ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1] 7 bar 

Machine Dimensions 

1400mm x 900mm x 2460mm 

The technical specifications of the SLM 125 metal 3D printer 

With dimensions of 125 x 125 x 125mm, allowing businesses to print parts ranging from small to medium-sized, and utilizing a 400W laser, the manufacturing process is fast and precise with the SLM 125 metal 3D printer. The SLM 125 metal 3D printer is affirmed as a compact, cost-saving, and highly efficient machine. 

1.3. Applications and Potential in the Industry 

As mentioned above, SLM metal 3D printing technology enables the production of highly complex and uniformly metal parts, suitable for various applications across different industries. 

Especially in the medical field, the SLM 125 3D printer is used to create custom products such as medical instruments, implant components, replacements for the human body with ultra-high precision. 

In the aerospace industry, the SLM 125 is utilized to manufacture aircraft components capable of withstanding high pressure and temperatures.


The metal 3D printed product produced by SLM125

The metal 3D printed product produced by SLM125

2. Performance of the SLM 125 Machine 

2.1. Performance Evaluation Compared to Other Metal 3D Printers 

Compared to other metal 3D printers on the market, the SLM 125 is highly regarded for its accuracy, consistency, and production efficiency. The SLM technology of the SLM 125 allows for the production of products with excellent metal properties and durability, surpassing many other manufacturing methods. 

2.1.1. Build Chamber Size

The SLM®125 has a relatively small build chamber size (125 x 125 x 125 mm) compared to other metal 3D printers on the market. However, this size is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses or units needing to manufacture small metal parts.


The compact SLM 125 metal 3D printer

The compact SLM 125 metal 3D printer

2.1.2. Printing Speed:

The printing speed of the SLM®125 (up to 25 cm³/h) is average compared to other metal 3D printers. However, the machine has the capability of continuous operation 24/7, enhancing production productivity. 

2.1.3. Accuracy:

The SLM®125 boasts high accuracy, capable of producing metal parts with high precision and smoothness. 

2.1.4. Materials:

The SLM®125 can use various types of metal materials, including stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt-chrome alloys, aluminum, titanium, etc. 

2.1.5. Scalability: 

🔸 Open and flexible software structure allows customization of printing parameters to meet specific needs. 

🔸 Additional functions and accessories can be integrated to enhance printing capabilities.

2.2. Factors Affecting Performance 

2.2.1. Materials: 

🔸 Material type: Different materials have different thermal conductivity, viscosity, and laser reflectivity, affecting the efficiency of melting and the accuracy of printed parts. 

🔸 Powder quality: Particle size, size distribution, and purity of metal powder affect the smoothness, porosity, and strength of printed parts. 

2.2.2. Printing Parameters: 

🔸 Laser power: Laser power affects the input energy into the melting process, determining the depth of melting, line width, and accuracy of printed parts. 

🔸 Laser scanning speed: Laser scanning speed affects the melting time and solidity of printed parts. 

🔸 Layer thickness: Layer thickness affects the smoothness and accuracy of printed parts.

🔸 Spot distance: Spot distance affects the overlap between printed lines and the porosity of printed parts. 

2.2.3. Printer: 

🔸 Accuracy and stability of the machine: The accuracy and stability of the machine affect the accuracy and repeatability of printed parts. 

🔸 Temperature control system: The temperature control system affects the quality and accuracy of printed parts. 

🔸 Powder feeding system: The powder feeding system affects the uniformity and smoothness of the powder layer. 

2.2.4. Environment: 

🔸 Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature affects the stability of the printing process and the quality of printed parts. 

🔸 Ambient humidity: Ambient humidity affects the oxidation of metal powder and the quality of printed parts. 

3. Functionality and Features of the SLM 125 Machine 

3.1. SLM 3D Printing Technology and Operation 

SLM stands for Selective Laser Melting, a 3D printing technology that uses a laser to melt and fuse metal powder layer by layer to create 3D parts. 



3.1.1. Preparation: The printer is loaded with metal powder. The 3D model is sliced into thin layers and converted into printing data. 

3.1.2. Printing Process: A laser scans through the layer of metal powder, melting the powder particles at predefined locations according to the printing data. 

3.1.3. Layer-by-Layer Building: A new layer of metal powder is spread over the previous layer, and the laser scanning process is repeated until the 3D part is completed. 

3.1.4. Post-Processing: After printing, the part needs to be removed from the powder bed, support structures removed, and heat treated to achieve desired properties.

3.2. Automation and Process Control Features 

3.2.1. Automatic Powder Loading System: Ensures continuous and uniform supply of metal powder during printing. 

3.2.2. Temperature Control: Precise temperature control system ensures the quality and accuracy of printed parts. 

3.2.3. Process Monitoring: Monitoring system observes the printing process and alerts users to potential issues. 

3.2.4. Control Software: Dedicated software facilitates easy setup, management, and monitoring of the printing process.

3.3. Compatibility with Various Metal Materials 

The SLM 125 machine is compatible with various types of metal materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and other metal alloys. The ability to use multiple materials expands the machine's application range, from producing complex aerospace components to shaping custom medical components.

4. Prospects of the SLM 125 Metal 3D Printer 

4.1. Summary of Features and Performance 

SLM Solutions' SLM 125 3D printer is an advanced device with impressive features and performance. With Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, this machine can produce metal products with high precision and uniformity. Furthermore, automation and process control features help optimize production efficiency and minimize errors. 

4.2. Future Prospects and Development Trends 

The SLM 125 3D printer is becoming increasingly important in the metal manufacturing and medical industries. Future development trends may include improving 3D printing technology to enhance accuracy and production speed. Moreover, integration of the SLM 125 3D printer into mass production processes could optimize processes and reduce manufacturing costs. 

Potential tool SLM 125

Potential tool SLM 125

4.3. Interest and Feedback from Users and Experts 

The SLM 125 machine has garnered significant interest from both user communities and experts in the industry and research fields. Experts highly appreciate the flexibility and customization capabilities of this machine, as well as its ability to produce complex products with high precision. In addition, positive feedback from users and experts may stimulate further research and development of the SLM 125 3D printer in the future. 

The SLM 125 metal 3D printer is an efficient and versatile solution for businesses seeking to manufacture high-quality metal parts with fast speed and high accuracy. The machine has many advantages such as high printing speed, high precision, compatibility with various metal materials, and scalability. 

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