Did you know that the Gyroid structure is inspired by nature?

From the shimmering wings of butterflies to the plates of sea urchins, the Gyroid structure can be found throughout nature. Due to its unique properties such as lightweight, high stiffness, good flow and energy absorption capabilities, the Gyroid structure can be used to create more efficient and lighter products and devices such as heat exchangers, cold plates, filters, etc.

Vinnotek, a pioneer in the field of product design, simulation, and components for manufacturing industries with 3D printing applications, introduces a completely new helmet design with a Gyroid structure. This breakthrough design offers unprecedented safety and durability, marking a new step forward in helmet manufacturing technology.

The Uniqueness of Gyroid Structure

The Gyroid structure is a scientific marvel, created by the perfect combination of advanced materials science and modern 3D printing techniques. The Gyroid structure is a complex and unique triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS) that can be described as a network of interconnected curved tubes, linked to copies of itself to form a gyroid structure. The Gyroid structure appears in nature in various forms: butterfly wings, sea urchin plates, and liquid crystals.

Gyroid structure

Gyroid structures exhibit excellent mechanical properties relative to their weight. Due to their continuous geometrical structure, the effect of stress concentration on gyroid structures is minimized. These structures are highly complex and are typically manufactured using additive manufacturing (3D printing) methods. Additive manufacturing (AM) enables the production of a wide range of complex-shaped components, such as lattice structures, topology-optimized components, and those generated from CAD assembly processes.


Materials with these characteristics are highly sought after in various industries, including aerospace and automotive. In addition to their lightweight nature, these structures are also characterized by unique properties and geometries. For instance, their high surface-to-volume ratio and superior specific energy absorption capacity compared to conventional structures make them highly suitable for developing heat exchangers such as cold plates.

Gyroid Helmets for Cyclist Safety

Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing enables the creation of complex and unique structures like Gyroid with high precision. As a result, Gyroid helmets offer several advantages:

Superior Durability

Gyroid helmets are manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology. This technology ensures high accuracy and consistency in the product, contributing to the helmet's enhanced durability.

Optimal Impact Resistance

The Gyroid structure with its intertwined curves creates a robust molecular network that effectively disperses impact forces. Its impressive impact resistance capability protects your head from any impact, whether light or strong.

Helmet vertical cross-section with Gyroid structure

Gyroid - Elevate the Cycling Experience

The Gyroid helmet is not just a groundbreaking product but also a testament to Vinnotek's commitment to safety and comfort for cyclists. With Gyroid, you can confidently conquer any terrain and fully enjoy your cycling passion without compromising on safety.

Gyroid's intelligent design not only ensures safety but also provides a comfortable user experience:


Thanks to its optimized structure, the Gyroid helmet is 20% lighter than conventional helmets, ensuring both safety and minimal weight. You won't feel weighed down or experience neck strain, especially on long rides, allowing you to focus more on cycling and enjoy your journey.

Optimal Ventilation System

The Gyroid design promotes excellent heat dissipation, keeping your head cool and dry even on hot days or during intense exercise. This also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, thus preventing unpleasant odors in the helmet.

Easy 3D Printing

Using 3D printing technology, Vinnotek can create Gyroid helmets with customized sizes and styles to suit individual preferences, something that is difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

Helmet for cyclist with gyroid structure

The Gyroid helmet is not only a groundbreaking design, but also Vinnotek's interest in safety and comfort for cyclists.

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