After conducting a survey of Apple's supply chain, technology analyst Ming-chi Kuo said that Apple is actively applying 3D printing technology in the production of electronic devices.

Apple Watch Ultra gen 2 sẽ được ra mắt vào năm 2024 với màn hình lớn hơn?

First, Apple will put this technology into production for some of the titanium mechanical parts on the Watch Ultra Gen 2 model. The 3D-printed components on the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra‌ could be the watch face, side buttons, and dial, as these are the only mechanical parts of the Apple Watch Ultra‌.


Currently, these components are manufactured using CNC cutting machines. The change helps to shorten time as well as reduce costs. Mr. Kuo said that if the production goes smoothly, in the future many other Apple product components will also be applied 3D printing technology.


Along with the time and cost savings benefits, Mr. Ming-chi Kuo also believes that 3D  printing technology will help improve ESG performance, Environmental, Social and Governance indicators related to sustainability firmness of the company.

The second generation of the Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be announced this fall, possibly alongside the Apple Watch Series 9.