Studio RAP has used design algorithms together with 3D printing technology to create a porcelain archway called New Delft Blue in the Netherlands.

The building was built using 3,000 unique bricks that were 3D printed and arranged in a pattern determined by an algorithm generated by Studio RAP.

Inspired by the blue hues of traditional Dutch Delft Blue ceramics, the gate is designed to honor the city's historic beauty and showcase modern technological advancements.

“The project expresses the unique identity of Delft Blue ceramics in a modern way, designed with nature-inspired patterns using cutting-edge design and 3D printing technology"

The patterns on each archway, which cover the concrete staircase, are designed to resemble a leaf based on the pattern of Delft Blue porcelain.

A total of 3,000 unique bricks measuring about 40cm x 30cm have been 3D printed by Studio RAP in color with transparent blue enamel.

“The studio designed a template that is not too figurative and not abstract, which makes this design more timeless. All the bricks are unique, every time a visitor walks through the gate, one will experience something different."

Taking advantage of the limit of 3D printing technology, RAP even made this archway more special.

“Along with the manufacturing limitations of 3D printing technology – such as maximum overhang, width, height and depth, material properties, shrinkage and support structures, an abstract artwork was formed” – the studio explained.

The combination of construction and fabrication algorithms has made this gate a thorough masterpiece that embodies craftsmanship and digital technology in its optimal form, creating a unique construction. The studio hopes that the gate will enliven and enhance the residential development and be well received by the residents.

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