The energy industry is facing urgent demands for efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly power generation solutions. Power turbines play a crucial role in this, but traditional designs still have many limitations in terms of efficiency, lifespan, and production costs.

Recognizing these challenges, Sierra Turbines was founded in 2017 in San Jose, California, with the mission to revolutionize the power turbine industry using advanced metal 3D printing technology. From the outset, Sierra Turbines set ambitious goals.

Goals of Sierra Turbines

Increasing Operating Time

Conventional small turbines typically operate for 40-50 hours before needing maintenance, but Sierra Turbines aims to increase this to 1600 hours, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Improving Power-to-Weight Ratio

The goal is to create turbines with a higher power-to-weight ratio, reducing weight for applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles.

Reducing Production Costs

Sierra Turbines aims to produce turbines at more competitive prices, expanding access and application of the technology.

Metal 3D Printing Technology: The Key to Breakthrough

To achieve these ambitious goals, Sierra Turbines pioneered the use of 3D printing technology (Additive Manufacturing - AM) in the design and production of power turbines. AM, also known as additive manufacturing, allows for the creation of complex parts with high precision that are not possible with traditional manufacturing methods.

More Efficient Power Generation with Metal 3D Printed Turbines

Result: The Aurelius Mk1 Power Turbine - A Significant Leap Forward

Thanks to the application of advanced metal 3D printing technology, Sierra Turbines has created the Aurelius Mk1 power turbine with outstanding advantages over traditional turbines:

Significant Efficiency Increase

🔻Higher Efficiency: The Aurelius Mk1 is 40% more efficient than existing power turbines, generating more energy from the same amount of fuel.

🔻Longer Lifespan: The Aurelius Mk1 is expected to operate 40 times longer before needing maintenance, reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Reduced Number of Parts

AM helps Sierra Turbines significantly reduce the number of parts needed to manufacture power turbines. The Aurelius Mk1 engine core, Sierra Turbines' flagship product, is made from a single part instead of 61 separate parts. This reduction in the number of parts brings numerous benefits:

🔻Reduced Production Costs: Due to less material usage and simpler production processes.

🔻Lighter Weight: The Aurelius Mk1 is significantly lighter than turbines with comparable power output.

🔻Increased Reliability: With fewer joints and potential failure points.

🔻Easier Assembly: Reducing installation time and costs.


Higher Precision

AM allows for the creation of parts with much higher precision compared to traditional manufacturing methods. This brings several benefits to the performance of power turbines, including:

🔻Better Airflow: Improving fuel combustion efficiency and increasing power output.

🔻Reduced Friction and Wear: Extending engine life and reducing maintenance costs.

Design Freedom

3D printing technology offers greater freedom for Sierra Turbines' designers, allowing them to create parts with complex shapes that are not possible with traditional manufacturing methods. This leads to significant improvements in power turbine performance, including:

🔻More Efficient Combustion Chamber Design: Improving fuel combustion efficiency and reducing emissions.

🔻Aerodynamically Optimized Turbine Blades: Increasing power output and operational efficiency.


Lower Costs

Sierra Turbines can produce the Aurelius Mk1 at 50% lower costs compared to existing power turbines. This helps expand access and application of the technology, promoting the development of renewable energy.

Environmental Impact

The Aurelius Mk1 offers several environmental benefits:

🔻Reduced Emissions: Its higher efficiency helps reduce the amount of fuel needed to produce the same amount of electricity, leading to lower CO2 and other pollutant emissions.

🔻Lower Noise: The Aurelius Mk1 operates more quietly than traditional power turbines, reducing noise pollution and protecting wildlife habitats.


The Aurelius Mk1 turbine by Sierra Turbines is a breakthrough in reducing noise and emissions. Thanks to advanced 3D printing technology, the Aurelius Mk1 offers higher efficiency, longer lifespan, lower costs, and a more positive environmental impact compared to traditional turbines.

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