Vinnotek is honor to share Materialise’s upcoming webinar on their latest update to Magics, the industry-leading data and build preparation software. 

This webinar is all about achieving first-time-right prints, no matter if you're working with polymers or metals. They'll be showcasing brand new features designed to streamline your workflow and boost your printing efficiency. 

Magics - Turning complexity into simplicity 


What's New in Magics? 

Thursday, May 16, 2024 
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM GMT+7 

REGISTER NOW: Webinar: What's New in Magics — 2024 | Materialise 

Here's what you can expect: 

🔹 Effortless Weight Reduction: Discover the all-new Lattice Module in Magics and learn how to create beam lattices that significantly reduce your part weight without compromising strength. 

🔹 Master 3D Nesting: Take control of your SLS and MJF builds with enhanced functionalities in the 3D Nester. Optimize packing for efficient use of printing space and minimize material waste. 

🔹 Say Goodbye to Excessive Support Removal: Tired of spending hours cleaning up support structures? Materialise will discuss how Magics' contactless support for metal additive manufacturing can significantly reduce post-processing time. 

🔹 Work in Comfort: Enhance your user experience with the highly-requested dark theme in Magics.