Hi guys. Today, VINNOTEK would like to introduce to you a new method in design products, which will gradually replace the traditional method. 

Advantages of the new method: this new method helps you no longer be limited in terms of ideas, machining methods... and even supports you to optimize your design, optimize your machining methods to Save production costs and increase product value. 

As you know, for decades, the product design and development process has been happening in an iterative and extremely rigid manner. Designers and engineers will take requirements from customers, make several prototypes designs, test, test virtual designs and do actual tests to determine feasibility under different conditions and then tweaking them until meeting the specification requirements and there are many cases where we have run out of time and money but still don't have a satisfactory design product. 

To solve that problem, we have been gradually approaching a new design method called "Generative Design". The phrase we will come across it a lot on the internet. On google, with only 0.6s, we have 19,400,000 results were displayed. An impressive number, isn't it?

 The benefits that "Generative Design" brings: 

- Help designers reduce the amount of time required to design products. 

- Create products that even professional designers can't think of about the product's shape and structure. 

- Optimization of design methods, optimization of machining methods. 

- Save production costs, increase economic value for products. 

- Reduce the volume of design products.

So, what is Generative Design? 

Generative Design is a completely new design method, In this method, you need to declare some requirements from the input then the machine will automatically use advanced algorithms to suggest some products based on the requirements. your request. After receiving recommendations from the software, the rest you need to do is choose the right model and edit and add textures as you want. 

Example for you: When you need to design a certain product, you need to declare to the software to understand what you are trying to design... Here, I take the example that I need to design a chair. The first thing I need to do is, determine the preliminary structure of the chair. Here I need is the sitting position, the position in contact with the floor, and the position to lean back. Then I need to find out what factors will affect the durability of the chair (eg gravity, load pressure....). After I declare to the software to understand. The software will suggest you the designs to you. And in the end, I chose this product. Please see the picture below (I declare the initial conditions and the software will suggest me the product to).

Declare Initial Conditions

Products Received

Difference between Traditional Design Process and Generative Design Process Or General Motors used topology optimization to remove 181.5 kg of weight from the design of the Chevrolet Equinox. While preserving the interior space and design characteristics of the car. 

- Traditional Design Process: 

- Generative Design (Generative Design)