Are you seeking an efficient solution to enhance your metal repair and machining productivity? Discover Titomic's D523 - a breakthrough technology that delivers rapid repair, flawless coatings, and optimal cost savings. 

TITOMIC Overview 

Titomic, an Australian-based company established in 2014, stands as a leading force in the additive manufacturing industry. Additive manufacturing, first commercially utilized in the 1980s for prototyping, has seen significant advancements with Titomic's technology spearheading large-scale additive manufacturing applications. These include tools, components, and machine parts, replacing traditional manufacturing methods. 

Traditional manufacturing presents numerous challenges, including lengthy production times, limitations in material properties and coatings, and excessive waste generation. These challenges can lead to lost revenue due to downtime, increased costs, substandard products, and various other difficulties. 

About the D523 Printer

The D523 is a specialized repair machine. Its compact size (550 x 1420 x 266mm) and handheld metal deposition gun enable precise on-site repairs of component defects. The machine features two powder feeders, operates on 230V AC 50/60Hz power, and offers the following key functionalities: 



Powderfeeders (PB-45) 

Power connection 

230V AC 50/60 Hz 


3.3 KW 

Temperature settings 

Variable 20 – 600ºC 

Parameter logging (temperature, pressure and flow) 


Closed loop integration 

Yes (optional) 

Spray parameter library 


Carrier gas: Air/N2 


Gas requirement 

6 bar/400L/min 

Mix air / N2 

Yes (optional) 

Particle velocity 

-600 m/sec 

Spray rate 

-30 gr/min 

Air/N2 pressure control/ regulating 


Full colour HMI touchscreen 


Bus or ethernet/IP connections 


Recommended for industrial robot applications 


Weight and dimensions 

43kg / 550 x 1420 x 266mm 

Diverse applications 

The D523 machine stands out for its wide range of applicability across various industries: 

- Corrosion Prevention and Repair: 

The D523 effectively protects and restores corroded cylinder components, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of machinery. 

- Kingpin Repair: 

Effortlessly repair kingpin damages, contributing to the safety and reliability of vehicle suspension systems. 

- Shaping and Molding: 

The D523 machine is utilized to create precise molds for materials like plastic, glass, and metal, facilitating efficient production processes. 

- Sealing Heat Exchangers and HVAC Systems: 

The machine generates a seamless sealing layer, preventing gas leaks and ensuring effective cooling and air conditioning for various equipment. 

- Adding Conductive Layers to Materials: 

The D523 enables the deposition of conductive layers onto materials, expanding its applications in the electronics industry. 

- Metal 3D Printing: 

The D523 facilitates the creation of high-precision 3D metal products, catering to the demands of manufacturing complex components. 

Repair of metal parts with cold spraying technology using machine D523 

Prominent features 

The D523 machine boasts a range of outstanding features that contribute to its superior performance in metal repair and 3D printing: 

Low Process Temperature 

Operating at low temperatures, the D523 minimizes component distortion, structural alterations, mechanical and thermal stresses, ensuring the integrity and durability of repaired or 3D-printed parts. 

Localized Spraying 

The focused spray jet enables precise operation, reducing material consumption and enhancing efficiency. 

High Restoration Capability 

The machine can restore thin-walled sections that are beyond the reach of traditional methods, catering to the repair of complex components. 

Strong Adhesion 

The D523 produces metal coatings with exceptional adhesion strength (up to 30-60 MPa), guaranteeing long-lasting durability. 

Low Porosity 

The metal coatings exhibit minimal porosity (less than 1%), resulting in smooth, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. 

Material Versatility 

The D523 accommodates a wide range of metals and alloys as materials, including: 

Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Tin, Nickel, Babbitt, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Inconel 625 (He) 

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Successful repair of alloy wheels with cold spray technology 

D523 - The Optimal Choice for Metal Repair and Coating Applications 

The D523 is the ideal solution for metal repair and coating needs across diverse industries. Its compact design, advanced features, compatibility with a wide range of materials, and affordable price make it an exceptional choice. 

Key Applications of Metal Repairing and Coating 

Radiation Shielding: Effectively shield against radiation with lightweight materials, extending the lifespan of electronic equipment and reducing costs. 

Resistor Wear Reduction: Minimize expenses associated with replacing worn metal components by applying a highly wear-resistant coating. 

Induction Coating: Expedite the production of induction cooktops and cookware. 

Energy: Create radiation shielding and corrosion-resistant coatings for machinery in the energy sector. 

Corrosion Protection: Safeguard metal parts from corrosion using a robust anti-corrosion coating. 

Repair: Perform quick and effortless engine repairs without the need for heat. 

Immersed Sensors: Manufacture durable, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant electronic sensors for offshore oil and gas, and underground pipelines. 

Vinnotek - The Official Distributor of Titomic in Vietnam 

At Vinnotek, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner and the official representative of Titomic, a pioneer in large-scale additive manufacturing applications for tools, spare parts, and machine components, replacing traditional manufacturing methods. 

Combining innovation and expertise, we offer a range of high-, medium-, and low-pressure cold spray systems that can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of businesses across various industries. 

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