Cold plate is a metal plate with moving liquid inside. This device is part of the thermal management process and is widely used in electronics, IGBTs, wind turbines, automotive components or any device that operates with high currents. The liquid in the cold plate transfers heat from the parts attached to it to the surrounding environment through a heat exchanger.

Recently, Vinnotek engineers redesigned the cold plate with a gyroid structure. The new cold plate is designed with simplified modules (including heat source, cold plate, cold plate with micro channel).


The original design during operation had the highest temperature up to nearly 60°C. However, after being modified with the typical innovation of the gyroid structure, the biggest difference is that the contact surface area of the liquid with the cold plate has increased significantly. This has caused the temperature to drop by up to 30%. With the existence of the gyroid structure in the new design, the highest temperature during operation does not even reach 40°C.

Furthermore, although the flow in the pipeline in conventional designs is smooth, there is still stagnation inside the pipeline. In contrast, the flow inside a tube with a gyroid structure is not as smooth as a straight pipe, but the liquid must pass through the gaps between the walls. Such a complicated path is also one of the reasons that has contributed to the overall temperature of the device being significantly reduced. However, to achieve this outstanding outcome, cold plates with this special design can only be produced using additive manufacturing (AM).


By taking advantage of the ability to produce parts with complex structures, 3D printing technology is currently a new trend to improve the performance of equipment and machinery. Although 3D printing is no longer new to the world, in Vietnam, 3D printing is still a field and method that many businesses currently want to approach and apply to their work lines. Surname. To be able to stay ahead of the trend, businesses in all fields should take initial steps to learn about this technology.

More photos of cold plate with gyroid below:


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