With Cold Spray, you will be able to take your production process to the next level, bring products to market faster and create more profits for your business.

From prototyping to R&D, small-scale production or on-demand production, the TKF AM (Titomic Kinetic Fusion Addtive Manufacturing) system brings the limitless possibilities of high-pressure cold spray technology to the factory floor your. The special thing about innovation is that you will not need to completely eliminate the old process, Cold Spray will upgrade what is available at your factory!


Faster, easier, safer, and more sustainable are typical keywords when talking about metal production using high-pressure cold spray technology. This revolutionary process can quickly fuse strong metals, alloys and other special materials at low temperatures – so parts retain their properties without the need for melting. for production.

By integrating this advanced technology into existing systems, you can produce parts with maximum uptime. Here are some outstanding applications of high-pressure cold spray technology in additive manufacturing:

Ballistic Protection: High-pressure cold spray is used to create bulletproof shields from titanium. Anti-corrosion products produced using this technology and titanium are considered to provide high performance with larger size but at a more competitive cost than ever.

Armaments: Modern weapons today often have high requirements for the materials they are made from. The materials used to make weapons must be durable and able to operate well in harsh environments. Despite such high requirements, weapons production methods have not been improved for hundreds of years. By using high-pressure cold spray, weapons will be improved to become lighter, more durable, and more resistant to pressure and corrosion.

Tools: Conventional tool manufacturing methods often take a lot of time and money to operate. Titanium has always been the first choice when it comes to manufacturing tools with TKF. Therefore, the finished product is considered stronger, thinner, and more resistant to corrosion.

Structure: To produce structures with titanium materials, the manual process was often quite slow, complicated and expensive. Not only that, the supply chain for castings and forgings molds is quite limited. Titomic's technology changes everything. The structures will be simpler to produce with seamless construction.




With pressure from ever-increasing threats, today's modern combat vehicles must be lighter, more maneuverable and provide better protection than ever before. Titanium is always the choice for producing bulletproof materials, but high costs and complex production techniques are major limitations for manufacturers.


By combining new high-performance Titanium sources with high-speed additive manufacturing technology, the production of large yet lightweight ballistic protection at a more economical price has been realized.


🔹Titanium armor is lightweight and affordable

🔹Produces near-net shapes

🔹Assembly without welding

🔹Performance consistent with multi-material architecture

🔹Speed improvements

🔹Lose weight

🔹Read more Case Study on bulletproof materials here.



While today's modern weapons require more durable, perform better, and use more powerful propellants, barrel manufacturing has not changed in hundreds of years.


Titomic's new high-speed additive manufacturing process makes it possible to produce multi-metal armaments that are larger, lighter, and deliver even better corrosion and erosion resistance performance than traditional techniques.


🔹Faster production

🔹Combination of many materials


🔹Multi-metal solution

🔹Better weight distribution

🔹Better corrosion and erosion performance



Traditional titanium manufacturing techniques are time-consuming, complex and expensive, with long lead times and limited supply chains for casting and forging.


Titomic's technology uses near-net shape additive manufacturing to replace complex welded assemblies with single-piece structures.


🔹Affordable titanium construction

🔹Produces near-net shapes

🔹Cheap HDH titanium powder

🔹Production does not melt metal

🔹Environmental benefits with reduced energy and emissions



Traditionally, faceplate production has been slow and expensive, causing waste, long lead times, and facing limited geometry and difficulty in machining.


Titomic allows tool manufacturers to create near-net shape faceplates using Invar36 and titanium.

Invar 36 provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for the production of large, high-strength composite parts – with shorter lead times and parts that can be easily repaired.

Titanium has good thermal stability for small to medium sized parts and offers weight and durability efficiency. It also uses less material, making tools thinner than before and more resistant to corrosion.


🔹Improve lead times

🔹Reduces welding and assembly time

🔹Near-net shapes with the potential for minimal machining and post-processing time

🔹Titanium creates tools that are stronger, thinner, lighter, and resistant to corrosion

🔹Multi-material solution for better heat distribution

🔹Embedded sensors, heating and cooling

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