The Titomic Kinetic Fusion® process (also known as Cold Spray technology) is the first additive manufacturing process that can reduce part oxidation - a problem that often occurs when heat is involved in the process of printing metal parts. Titomic Kinetic Fusion® creates parts by accelerating metal powders at ultrasonic speeds onto a substrate, and when the powders collide, kinetic energy makes them fuse together, creating a mechanical bond and forming into layers of deposited material. The formation of these layers quickly creates large, seamless metal parts without the need to melt the metal.

With the TKF process, because no heat is used to melt the metal, the manufacturer will not face the problem of the printed part deforming due to heat, the materials retain their properties and comparable quality corresponds to materials produced by casting and forging.


What is low and medium pressure cold spraying?

Low and medium pressure cold spraying is a breakthrough technology used to coat and repair metal parts, composites and softer powders than high pressure cold spraying used for additive manufacturing. This technology can be applied to high-strength metals and alloys.

Titomic's cold spray systems integrate advanced powder feeders to easily and quickly spray thinner coatings in applications across a wide range of industries: from aerospace to defense, energy, electronics, automobiles, etc.

Repair metal parts faster, stronger, easier

Overcome supply and service delays and improve productivity and profitability – whatever the requirement.

Whether metal or temperature-sensitive materials such as glass, ceramics and plastics, Titomic's compact and customizable cold spray system will allow you to make quick repairs and apply metal coatings without heat– this helps you restore and create stronger parts, thicker coatings and corrosion resistance. Businesses can maximize uptime, output and productivity regardless of the complex challenges at hand.


Repair: Titomic Kinetic Fusion® and D523 allow for quick, easy engine repairs without the use of heat. The motor will no longer warp, crack or suffer other effects from heat.

Faster: Repair and restore product surfaces with leading repair speed, technology will save time and increase productivity for businesses.

Non-thermal: The operating process does not involve melting the metal, so there is no risk of thermal deformation, heat-affected zones, warping or cracking.

New ability: Fusing dissimilar metals together (spraying nickel on cast iron, copper on aluminum, etc.)

Low Cost: Recover important and expensive components at low prices.

Simpler and safer: Engineers do not need to take a long course or take a certification exam, everything will be packaged in our training course.

Savings: When expensive parts are broken, instead of throwing them away, businesses can reuse them by restoring or repairing them.


Radiation shielding: Titomic's Z-type shielding provides radiation protection at lower volumes than normal material shielding, while also extending the life of sensitive – and cutting – electronic devices reduces costs by reducing the need for expensive radiation-hardened electronics


Wear resistance: Because the cost of using wear-resistant materials for highly abrasive metal parts in mining, pipelines and transportation is often very expensive, they often need to be maintained, repaired or replaced. With Titomic Kinetic Fusion, you can create or coat metal parts that are highly wear-resistant – at a lower cost than other manufacturing methods.

Inductive coating: As inductive technology becomes more popular, cookware manufacturers need a better way to fabricate iron or steel baseplates. Titomic Kinetic Fusion makes it possible to rapidly deposit steel or other non-ferrous metals in minutes – with less waste.

Energy: Extend product life with better, more effective radiation shielding. Titomic Kinetic Fusion® allows the creation of radiation shields – completely customizable to suit the purpose of each product. 

Corrosion: In corrosive environments, metal parts easily and quickly degrade and become worn, damaged, or unusable. With Titomic Kinetic Fusion, depositing corrosion-resistant metals and alloys such as titanium – even onto dissimilar metals is easier and faster than ever.

Embedded sensor:

Use Titomic Kinetic Fusion to fabricate and incorporate electronic sensors directly into components, providing durable, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant analytical sensors for offshore oil and gas, underground pipelines, and more.

In addition to providing embedded sensors for oil and gas, Titomic also offers the ability to 'hard-band' oil and gas pipelines. Titomic Kinetic Fusion adds additional material to these tubes to enhance function and performance



To know more about Cold Spray, please watch this video from Titomic:


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