Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology

Tooth loss is a common issue affecting individuals of all ages, causing inconvenience in eating, speaking, and overall aesthetics. Currently, subperiosteal dental implants have emerged as a popular and effective treatment option for patients with insufficient jawbone density, aiding in tooth restoration and enhancing confident smiles, chewing and speaking abilities. With the advancement of 3D metal printing technology, implant manufacturing has become easier and more flexible. 

Subperiosteal dental implants - Effective solution for smiles 

The subperiosteal dental implant method has been around for a long time but its success rates have been lower. Nowadays, with modern technology, digital devices, and supportive software, the process of customization for customers has become much simpler and more effective.  

Subperiosteal dental implants are a popular option for tooth restoration, replacing lost teeth for patients with insufficient jawbone density, and are especially suitable and highly effective in cases of bone loss. Unlike traditional dental implant methods, this method uses a metal frame placed between the jawbone and gums. Above this metal frame are posts, extending through the gum tissue to attach artificial teeth (porcelain crowns). 


Subperiosteal dental implant

(Subperiosteal dental implants) 

The periosteum is a thin layer of tissue between the gums and jawbone. When placing a subperiosteal dental implant, the tooth root is placed on top of the bone but below the gum tissue, so it will not be affected by the number of jawbones. 

By this method, the teeth will have a very solid foundation and patients don’t have to worry about the teeth moving or slipping out of their original position. Furthermore, wound healing time for subperiosteal implants is typically shorter than for traditional implants. 

With outstanding advantages, subperiosteal dental implants are gradually becoming the most trusted choice in the field of modern dentistry. However, because each patient's jawbone has a different shape, the process of fabricating a metal frame and complex implants will be time-consuming and less accurate. 

Metal 3D printing technology - Personalize experience for each patient 

With the advancement of additive manufacturing - 3D printing technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry in the production of implant components, unlocking new design possibilities. When fabricating intricate parts no longer a limitation, engineers can create implants with high precision and performance in a flexible and time-saving manner. 


Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology

(Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology)  

In the past, traditional fabrication methods often faced many limitations. The implant components might not perfectly match the shape of the patient's jawbone, leading to many problems related to stability, functionality and aesthetics. Metal 3D printing has completely transformed this scenario, offering a range of outstanding advantages: 

1. Personalized jawbone frame design for each patient 

Leveraging the power of Generative Design, we can automate the process of designing custom implants for each patient. By simply providing input data based on X-ray scans, CT scans, and individual treatment requirements, the computer will automatically design the optimal implant frame suitable for each patient's jawbone shape and size. 


Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology

(Personalized jawbone frame design) 

By using 3D design software, dental engineers can refine the frame to ensure the precision and suitability for each individual case


2. Save time and production costs 

This method not only ensures the accuracy and consistency of each product but also reduces time and costs, from design to final processing. Generative Design enables the integration of patient medical data and the use of design software to quickly create customized implant models, minimizing the time required for the design process. 


Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology

(Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology) 

Instead of going through many complicated steps like traditional methods, metal 3D printing technology reduces the use of molds, tools and intermediate machining processing. In addition, this technology allows printing multiple products at the same time on the same printer, increasing production efficiency and reducing the time required for each batch. 

3. Enhancing treatment effectiveness 

With the ability to create complex structures flexibly and with high precision, metal 3D printing technology increases the success rate of implants and brings high aesthetic value. Furthermore, the production of precise and personalized implant models helps ensure a perfect fit and effectiveness, thereby promoting faster healing, leading to a shorter overall treatment time 


Subperiosteal dental implant by metal 3D printing technology

(Subperiosteal dental implants are highly aesthetic) 

Thanks to the combination of 3D printing technology and dental expertise, subperiosteal dental implants using 3D printing technology offers patients long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing restorations that effectively restore chewing function and a natural smile. 3D printing opens up many potentials for future research and development in dentistry, paving the way for even more effective and groundbreaking solutions. 

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Subperiosteal dental implants using metal 3D printing technology are an advanced dental restoration method, bringing many benefits to patients, in which metal 3D printing technology plays a key role in raising the quality in this field. However, to exploit the full potential of 3D printing, professional design and simulation services are needed. 

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